MOOSENEWS: Did You Miss The Solitaire Tour?

30 October 2021

"Three moose. Each in a different city. Each playing a different night. We didn't plan it that way. It was just serendipity. But after our Reykjavik Hoof-Around Festival was ruined by an accidental trip to the ghost town of Iceland, California (seriously how was that even a flight we could take?), we felt we owed it to our fans. And by all accounts the 1/3rd moose activity in Denver, Malibu Springs, and Bellingham was exactly the medicine the doctor ordered.

And boy howdy, did our fans respond! Kyle even got a peek at some merch-hungry fans showing off their own self-made swag! Just check out this fan-made Moosewine shirt! Isn't that awesome?

In the face of enthusiasm like this, we knew we were way past due on getting Moosewine merchandise out onto the bodies of our loyal fans.

So here we are, finally launching our website and online web store dedicated to the Moosehive and your ravening hunger for all things moose.

Check out the Moosewine Store!

But that's not all! Moosewine is still working hard on releasing our first single, with Cobra still finalising the lyrics. We're also putting some ground work down for a possible holiday-themed musical gift for you all. It's never been a more exciting time for the band! Stay tuned!"

- Kyle

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About Moosewine

Based out of Bellingham, WA, Moosewine is the merchcore lo-fi band of your fever dreams. The trio of Cobra on lead vocals and guitar, Kevmo on bass, and Kyle on keytar, are prepared to bring you a sound that combines the best of the 90s with the spirit of the Pacific Northwest and the essence of the nightwave movement... as soon as they've finished creating it.

As the band refines their sound, however, they're committed to providing their fans, the "Moosehive", with the best merch possible to fly the flag of their Moosewine love for all to see.

Join along on the musical adventure, where it's about the journey, not the destination.